Lily Schweikert :: 2023 Pegasus Resume Writing and Career Graphics Intern :: International Program - Germany :: University: The Bauhaus-Universität Weimar | Weimar GERMANY //
Lola Schaffhausen :: 2021 Pegasus Resume Writing and Career Intern :: International Program - Germany :: University: Heidelberg University, Heidelberg, Baden-Württemberg GERMANY //
We love Lola.
As of March 2021, she is 2 months old. Here's to a great 2021!
Lucy Schweikert has moved on to work with her Aunt Trixie at Creative Artists Agency (CAA)  //  |  She is the new VP of Cultural and Consumer Insights - Brand Consulting.

She now resides in Pacific Palisades with her husband Gus Mooney (English Bulldog - Pro Skateboarder / Snowboarder / Surfer, Santa Cruz Skateboards Team Rider).
Covid Lucy!
Let's perform the process Remotely! Let's go! There is still a big need for Qualified folks out there! Chris :: pegasus
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Will you accept this Rose? (We mean Resume?)
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Feb. 2020 | Lucy in clouds | Lucy recommends that you update your LinkedIn picture. (white background, clean pictures) Example:
It's 2019! Let's get that Resume in Shape!
Here's to a nice February for all!
Resume / Career Dreams :: 2019
Let’s all have a great February! Use LinkedIn to your advantage and start following companies you’re interested in.
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Silicon Valley is flying right now. April is a great time to update your resume and LinkedIn profile.

:: Today is the day ::
Your next job will most likely come from someone you know. (friend, relative)

Ask for recommendations from colleagues, previous managers / directors.

Chris will provide the recommendation template.
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Pegasus Communications can help.
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@ the Office Depot Coworking Space, Los Gatos, CA

Remote is also an option.
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April 2019. Forget the diet and have a donut from Bascom Donuts!
Can't believe it's May 2019 already! Your resume = Garden spot!
The Office (S 9 / Episode 11) Darryl Philbin saves an interview gone wrong by being PREPARED.

I have a lot to say on this subject when we discuss Interviewing Techniques.

P.S. Don't pick up and throw any balls, chairs, etc... in the Interviewing room! ; )
Things at work may not always be perfect! Don't let perfectionism get in the way of starting a new project.

Lucy's crimes were not perfectly executed - however she made progress and she (might) be able to expand on that progress the next time we accidentally leave the pantry door open!
Get ready for your interview.

:: No coffee on the day of the interview. (Lucy doesn't care if you are that guy / girl that says "I need my coffee!")

:: Arrive 30 minutes early. Drive past the building, confirm your entrance; and then park down the street and listen to classical music. Go in 10 minutes early.

:: Take notes and get names.

:: Send a thank you note that night.

:: Today is the day! ::

Chris will provide the thank you note template!
Trixie Palomino-Schaffhausen
Lucy has an Aunt. Her name is Trixie Palomino-Schaffhausen.

Trixie is a Principal Talent Agent (SVP Level) for CAA  //  |  She now resides in La Cañada Flintridge with her husband Corey Goolihy (Royal corgi - Musician, The Mange) Trixie's Book can be found at FastPencil
::  Invest in Quality, Precision, and Accuracy  :: 

Invest in quality because quick and cheap can be costly in the long run. 

Lucy says....H O L D O N - W H A' ?!?!

Should state..."Marketing and Operations Department - who signed off on this label?!"

This product is real btw. 2020.1215, Tuesday.

Rear of Bottle | Active Ingredient = Ethyl Alcohol 80% v/v | Purpose = Antiseptic
It's hot outside folks! And the kids are going back to school in August.

Let Pegasus Communications help you with your Resume, LinkedIn profile, and Career!
From Lucy's boardroom...Be Fast!

Use the MS Word change case keyboard shortcut.

Regular Keyboard. SHIFT + F3
Laptop. SHIFT + FN + F3

Press once for ALL CAPS, again for Initial Caps, and again for lowercase!
Thesis Citation: Lucy, P 2018, 'An empirical study into factors influencing the use of Note Taking (using a Notebook / Pen) over Computers or Tablets', Lucy the Dachshund thesis, Ludwig-Maximilians - Universität München, Munich GERMANY
You are not good enough to remember anything! (neither am I; neither is the smartest person you know!) Purchase three Notebooks and a good Pen. 

Keep these items in your vehicle, by your keys, on your nightstand, and in your work briefcase / backpack. 

You should then probably use them to take notes on your schedule, meetings, work deliverables, ideas, funny stuff you heard that you can then claim as your own at an opportune time. 

"In a series of laboratory experiments, researchers at Princeton and the University of California, Los Angeles, had students watch a lecture, randomly assigning them either laptops or pen and paper for their note-taking. Understanding of the lecture, measured by a standardized test, was substantially worse for those who had used laptops." 
We do not oversell you in the resume. We state the facts.

For instance....

DELETE "passion for ..."
ADD "what you know" "what you did" "how you did it"
April 2019. Get those taxes done!
April 2019. OK, OK! So Lucy wouldn't make it as a Food Photographer...and then there's that piece of tape sticking up...oi. (the donuts were more inviting in person) Either way - it was carbs' for all at Office Depot.
Pam Halpert, Scranton, PA 18503 | WORK EXPERIENCE |
Office Manager Dunder Mifflin Paper Company | July 2011-Present | Receptionist Dunder Mifflin Paper Company | August 2003 - June 2011 | EDUCATION | Pratt Institute Fine Art Major | Valley View High School | INTERESTS | My children, art and painting
No way! Half the year gone already! Let's all get some down time!
Lucy at the beach!